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Behavioral Health Providers

Shannon Hart

Shannon Hart, PhD, LCSW

Shannon Hart, PhD, LCSW is a Behavioral Health Manager whose areas of expertise include working with adults, especially women, with chronic illness, anxiety, depression, and significant life transitions. She is also an LBGTQ ally. She earned her MSW from Aurora University in 2019 and has been practicing since that time. She previously worked in education for over 30 years. Of her therapeutic approach, she says.

I believe we all have within ourselves the resources we need, but sometimes we need a guide to help us find and believe in ourselves enough to use them. To do this, I use various client-centered techniques, including cognitive restructuring, integrating mindfulness and meditation practices, encouraging life-affirming activities, and exploring and processing past experiences in order to integrate them into a more healthy present and future.


Michael Raida

Dr. Michael Raida, MD

Dr. Michael Raida is a Psychiatrist specializing in mood disorders, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, and psychiatric symptoms associated with dementia. Dr. Raida graduated from The Chicago Medical School in 2001 and completed his residency in Adult Psychiatry from Duke University in 2005. In 2006 he completed a Fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry at Northwestern University. He has been practicing since 2006 at Independence Health & Therapy. Of his therapeutic approach he says, “I believe in the value of the 30-minute medication management appointment. I think it is essential to know the psychosocial aspects of a patient’s story in order to make the most thoughtful medication decisions.”

Dr. Kathryn Singer, MD

Dr. Kathryn Singer, MD is a psychiatrist specializing in general adult psychiatry with a special focus on anxiety, depression, and ADHD. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BS in Sociology from Northeastern University in Boston. After that, she graduated from medical school at the University of Chicago in 2000. She completed her residency at the same school and started practicing in 2004. When asked about her therapeutic approach she says, “I understand that it can be hard to talk about difficult subjects. I want my clients to be comfortable. I think each person is unique and I work together with them to come up with solutions.”

Dr. Andrew Spitznas, MD

Dr. Andrew Spitznas is a Psychiatrist specializing in adult general psychiatry. He is Board certified from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He graduated from Drexel University College of Medicine in 1994 and completed his residency at the University of Connecticut Psychiatry Residency Program in 1998. He has been practicing since 1998. His therapeutic philosophy is “Empathy is crucial in accepting, respecting, and listening to my patients. As their psychiatrist, I strive to make accurate diagnoses and offer evidence-based treatment.”

Jenn Balleto

Jenn Balleto, LCPC

Jenn Balleto, LCPC, is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. Jenn received her Bachelor of Psychology degree from Argosy University in 2010, and her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in 2013.  Jenn provides therapeutic services for adolescents and adults who are experiencing challenges related to, depression, anxiety/panic, mood disorders, mental health crisis, and additional life transitions and stressors; with an expertise in the areas of grief/loss, trauma, and traumatic loss.

Jenn believes in a collaborative treatment approach, understanding that every client brings with them their own unique and individual experiences and therefore, the therapeutic support provided to each client must also be unique and individualized. In practice, Jenn incorporates a variety of evidenced-based treatment models through a trauma-informed lens to best meet the support needs of her clients.

Jenn facilitates a monthly support group for suicide loss survivors and is a member of the McHenry County Suicide Prevention Task Force. Jenn is also available to provide education to the community on mental health and suicide prevention; she is certified Question-Persuade-Refer (QPR) Instructor, an evidenced based suicide prevention program, as well as, a certified instructor of the ACE Interface Curriculum, a program designed to build resiliency by educating communities about the impact that adverse childhood experiences have on our health and wellness.

Jennifer Boston

Jennifer Boston, LCSW, MSW

Jennifer Boston, LCSW, MSW is a Behavioral Health Therapist whose areas of expertise include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and trauma. She graduated from Aurora University in 2019. She has worked in McHenry County for over 20 years in education and the nonprofit sector where she assisted individuals from a variety of backgrounds with different needs and challenges, such as immigrants, victims of domestic violence, those with learning disabilities, and those with mental health issues. Of her therapeutic approach, she says:

I utilize evidence-based practices and an integrative approach choosing interventions based upon each individual’s needs. These include cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, trauma-informed care, and mindfulness practices.

Faith Caster, MSN, APRN, PMHNP

Faith Caster, MSN, APRN, PMHNP is a Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who specializes in Pediatric Nursing, especially adolescent medicine. Her area of interest is ADHD, especially in educating about the many nuanced aspects that a diagnosis of ADHD affects in an individual’s life – both children and adults. Faith graduated Magna Cum Laude from Saint Louis University with a BS in Nursing. In 2011 she earned her MS in Nursing with an emphasis in Nursing Education from Walden University. In 2018 she earned her PMHNP Post-Master’s Certificate from the University of Missouri Kansas City. She has been in the nursing field since 2006. When asked about her therapeutic philosophy she says,

Kindness first. We all have had our own hardships that we have had to overcome. Each experience is unique, even in the same family. I can only understand what it has been like for you by listening to you and getting to know you as a person. Who you are and how you identify matters to me. Once I better understand you, we can formulate a plan of care for you (with your care team, family, supportive people) that is safe, beneficial, and realistic.


Katie Graham

Katie Graham

Katie Graham, LSW, MSW, QMHP is a Mental Health Therapist & Community Support Specialist specializing in Gerontology, Stress, Coping Skills, Adolescents, Adoption, Depression, Anxiety, Grief, and Narrative Therapy. Katie earned her Bachelor of Social Work degree in 2022, followed by her Master of Social Work degree and licensure in 2023, all from the George Williams College of Aurora University. She has been working in the industry since 2022.  Katie has experience running group therapy, individual therapy with adults and adolescents, and client intake assessments. Of her therapeutic approach she says,

I am committed to helping individuals find ways to create or continue creating their own unique sense of independence through providing a safe environment to explore personal values, emotions, and beliefs. I am passionate about the basic need for human connection, allowing people to be heard and seen and feel heard and seen. I believe in helping clients find their strengths and setting goals to help clients grow and heal through life’s obstacles. 

Using a strength based and person-centered approach, I hope to give clients a safe place to authentically be themselves and for clients to create meaningful changes in their lives and acceptance of life circumstances. 

Jessica Moore

Diane Grant

Diane Grant is a Community Support Specialist who specializes in brain injury and mental health. She earned her BA in Social Work from Luther College in 1985. She has been working in the industry since 1986. Her therapeutic approach is “to increase independence and improve the quality of life of others through providing support, linkages, and education focusing on individual needs and goals.”

Tiffany Mok

Tiffany Mok, MACC, QMHP, LPC (pending)

Tiffany Mok is a Behavioral Health Therapist specializing in clinical counseling throughout the lifespan. She has her LPC pending after earning her MA in Clinical Counseling from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2012. She has been working in the field since 2015. Tiffany also has experience in Applied Behavioral Analysis. Tiffany’s philosophy is this:

When a bowl is broken in Japan, it’s put back together with its crack being filled with gold, creating a beautiful lining. This indicates that when something has suffered damage and has a history, it makes it more beautiful. It’s up to you to paint your struggles with gold and make it beautiful and inspiring. People are not broken beyond repair. We can choose to wear our scars proudly as a badge of honor. Every next level of life will demand a new you. Sometimes, it takes being broken to become new again. “There is a silver lining” to many things, but there is always a gold lining to everything if you choose to see it.

Therapy Providers

Rebecca Elias

Rebecca Elias, PTA

Rebecca Elias, PTA is a Physical Therapist Assistant and Therapy Manager with expertise in both pediatric and geriatric therapy. Rebecca graduated with honors from the PTA program at Elgin Community College in 2017 and then earned her BS in Health Care Sciences with an Emphasis in Rehabilitation and Disability from Northern Illinois University in 2020. Rebecca has been working in the industry for 6 years, having started as a high school volunteer with Adult and Child Therapy Services before it merged to become Independence Health & Therapy. She previously worked as a CNA in a skilled nursing facility’s memory care program. She is also employed with Northwestern Medicine as a PTA. When asked about her therapeutic approach, she says,

My role as a therapist is to have a person-centered approach to meet the individual needs of the client and their families during our treatment sessions. Whether working on strengthening, balance, functional mobility, or developmental play skills, I aim to make a positive impact in the lives of our clients and their caregivers. I love to be as helpful as I can, but I thrive when I am able to help people help themselves. My hope is use my knowledge to allow our clients to gain new skills and independence to allow for overall improvement in quality of life.


Lauren Easton

Lauren Easton, MOT, OTR/L

Lauren Easton, MOT, OTR/L is an Occupational Therapist. Lauren received her Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Chicago State University in 2007. She has been working in the industry for over 15 years, with experience in Early Intervention, skilled nursing facilities, and adult home health. Lauren enjoys working with various age populations. When asked about her therapeutic approach, she says,

I strongly believe in providing quality skilled occupational therapy for all my clients that I serve in order to enhance independence and quality of life.


Dr. Collin Barber

Dr. Collin Barber, PT, DPT

Dr. Collin Barber, PT, DPT is a Physical Therapist specializing in Geriatrics. He earned his BS in Exercise Physiology in 2018, and his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2020, both from Marquette University. He has been working in the field since 2020. When asked about his therapeutic approach he says,

I believe in helping patients achieve a higher level of independence to reach a quality of life that is most important to them. Every patient is different, and because of that, success for each patient will look different. Working towards that success will be a team effort between patient and therapist. Additionally, this path to success doesn’t stop when therapy ends. I look to make a lasting effect on a patient’s life by giving them the tools and opportunities to continue a healthy lifestyle even after treatment has concluded.


Shannon Guzick

Shannon Guzick, PTA, BSPTA

Shannon Guzick is a Physical Therapist Assistant and Yoga Instructor specializing in treating outpatient clients of all ages with emphasis on geriatrics and pediatrics. Shannon earned an AAS in Physical Therapist Assistant in 1992 from Oakton Community College, and a BS in Physical Therapist Assistant in 2018 from PIMA Medical Institute. She is a certified 200 hour registered yoga instructor and a certified clinical instructor providing PTA students the fieldwork portion of their education. She has been working in the industry since 1992. Shannon also provides PT to children in school settings and has provided home health care and Early Intervention support. She has recently started teaching as an adjunct instructor at the McHenry County College PTA program. Of Shannon’s therapeutic philosophy, she says,

Each client is an individual with their own unique story. I like to meet them where they are at and provide compassionate care. I weave exercise education into the therapy sessions because I believe in the healing power of exercise and want the clients to embrace continued fitness after they are discharged from our care.

Rachel Lo

Rachael Lo M.A., CCC-SLP/L

Rachael Lo is a Speech-Language Pathologist specializing in articulation/ phonological disorder, expressive and receptive language disorders, swallowing disorder, aphasia, and cognitive disorder. She earned a B.S. in Communicative Disorders at Northern Illinois University in 2017 and a M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2019. Rachael has been practicing since 2021. Rachael is a multilingual provider and speaks English, Mandarin Chinese, and Cantonese. Regarding her therapeutic philosophy, she says,

I believe it is important to connect the skills that patients are acquiring to daily functional tasks to promote overall independence within the home and in the community. Getting to know the patient as a person helps me to select and incorporate target skills into tasks that are motivating to them. Therapy is also a team effort. It is important to have consistent communication with caregivers and professional members of the care team to promote skills generalization to other settings and situations.


Mallory Schug

Dr. Mallory Schug, DPT, CEEAA

Dr. Mallory Schug is a Physical Therapist specializing in Geriatrics and Pediatrics. She earned a BS in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Spanish in 2005 from Marquette University. In 2007, she earned her doctorate in Physical Therapy, also from Marquette University. She has been working in the industry since 2007. When asked about her therapeutic philosophy she says,

I believe in empowering patients and families to be the change-makers in their lives.  I work closely with our clients and families to identify the goals that are most important to them, then utilize my knowledge and expertise to help them achieve those goals.  From pain and weakness to developmental delays, families and patients have the power to make dramatic changes when given the proper knowledge and resources.


Adult Day Program

Christina Murphy

Christina Murphy

Christina Murphy is a Memory Care and Adult Day Health Program Manager whose area of expertise is dementia and memory care. Christina began her career with IHT as a CNA 18 years ago while she was a nursing student. Growing up with a grandmother with dementia, she became passionate about helping the geriatric population and their families. One of Christina’s primary approaches to memory care utilizes the Montessori method for dementia and ageing.

“I believe in providing complete honesty to individuals and their families. My approach is to treat every individual with respect, which means offering kindness and the freedom to make choices. It’s important to give them the dignity they deserve after everything they’ve been through.”



Karen Brodnan

Karen Brodnan, RN

Karen Brodnan, RN is a Registered Nurse serving the clients in our Adult Day program. She earned her Associate’s Degree from Oakton Community College in 1985. She has been a practicing nurse for nearly 40 years, starting as an Oncology Nurse at Lutheran General Hospital. From there she practiced in office settings of many different specialties like internal medicine, pediatrics, OB-GYN, orthopedics, surgery, urology, allergy and asthma, workers comp injuries, and telehealth for cancer medications. She also did complex case management and disease management along with educating on best health practices for the prevention of different diseases. She says:

My therapeutic approach has always been a passion to help others, kindness, respect, and genuine caring for each of my clients/patients. I believe a positive approach works best and sometimes asking my patients open-ended questions can achieve and accomplish the best decisions for the patient/client. For when we lecture and tell others what to do that doesn’t always work, but when a person decides on their own which way to go the process or decision is more easily reached and adhered to. As a seasoned nurse I strive to care for the mind, body, and spirit. I want to help keep people healthy and to make a difference in many lives.

Heidi Reynolds

Heidi Reynolds, RN

Heidi Reynolds, RN is a Registered Nurse serving the clients in our Adult Day program. She graduated from the ADN program at Harper College in Palatine in 1997 and then returned to college for her BSN at Walden University. She received her BSN in 2018, graduating Cum Laude. She has been a practicing nurse for 27 years. She started her nursing career at a small outpatient clinic, then moved on to Mt. Sinai on the west side of Chicago, working in their Labor & Delivery Department. When asked about her therapeutic approach, she says,

I treat my patients/clients how I would want one of my family members to be treated.

We Care for the Caregivers

We make a point of caring for the caregivers. That is, the families of those we care for. Because every health issue is by definition a family health issue.


Transportation services are a central component of all our programs. We deliver reliable, worry-free door-to-door shuttle service.