Memory Care Day Program

Serving Seniors and Adults

Our award-winning memory care program fosters cognitive well-being in a supportive social environment. Designed to delay the need for long-term care, the program provides exceptional care with a focus on maximizing independence.

Our team of registered nurses (RN’s) and certified nursing assistants (CNA’s) offers comprehensive medical supervision and quality hands-on care. We closely monitor medications and overall health, ensuring your loved one receives the attention they deserve.

Engaging activities tailored to maintain and enhance cognitive abilities are at the heart of our program. We empower clients to leverage their strengths, fostering independence and offsetting cognitive decline.

We also offer door-to-door transportation for a seamless experience. Caregiver support groups are also offered, providing a valuable network of understanding and resources.

This program serves individuals with:

• Alzheimer’s disease

• Neurocognitive illnesses

• Dementia



Bus Driver

Rocco has a reputation at Independence as the guy who lends a hand. The one who, whatever the task, is willing. That spirit and optimism makes Rocco the kind of bus driver everyone looks forward to seeing in the morning.