A New Beginning for Independence

Family Alliance, Inc, and Adult & Child Therapy Services both have long histories of helping others achieve independence. They are now merging together as one organization to continue and expand that mission. As these two Woodstock organizations merge, they will form Independence Health & Therapy.

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Working Together

By bringing together the strengths and community connections of both groups, Independence Health & Therapy will be able to serve its clients more efficiently, economically and effectively.

It will retain the deep commitment to both care and independence on which both Family Alliance and ACTS have built their organizations. Independence Health & Therapy will join together both staffs of Family Alliance and ACTS, allowing them to use their talents and skills to serve many ages and needs within the community.

Kim Larson, Family Alliance’s executive director, will lead the new group until her planned retirement on December 31. John Buckley, ACTS’s executive director, will be working in tandem with Larson to ultimately assume the executive director role on January 1.

“Part of the excitement about the merger is its potential,” said Buckley. “We are looking forward to bringing our services to Family Alliance’s clients. Additionally, we have seen a need and an opportunity to expand their behavioral health expertise to the pediatric population we serve.” Larson emphasizes “value-based health care,” particularly in light of challenges and changes brought about by the ACA and Medicaid expansion. “Value-based health care is redefining what, where, and how clients are served,” she says. “In our case, the double bottom line is financial efficiency and program effectiveness. Independence Health & Therapy can succeed at both.”

"For nearly 70 years, Adult & Child has evolved to meet the needs of our community," said Kim Keefe, board chair of ACTS. "This merger continues that spirit of growth and change. Our agencies’ joint collaboration over these past few months recognized opportunities for expanded and more efficient care and services to those in need within our community."

There will be no interruption in services or programs for either organization. Both will maintain their current locations for the near future, and eventually, Independence Health & Therapy will be based at Family Alliance’s Woodstock location at 2028 N. Seminary, with additional services offered at Family Alliance’s office at 12555 Farm Hill Drive in Huntley.

Moving Ahead Together

New Collaboration

While Independence Health & Therapy is new, collaboration between Family Alliance and Adult & Child Therapy Services is not.

Adult & Child has offered physical therapy services in Family Alliance’s Woodstock and Huntley locations to Family Alliance clients. ACTS therapists would travel to the FA facilities to see patients there. Family Alliance has provided transportation services to ACTS patients who needed the door-to-door service that FA’s transportation provides. And both organizations have shared the efforts of board members and volunteers.

What the merger brings to those served by both organizations, though, is the chance to access and benefit from all of the services that both offer, including the guidance and expertise of a multidisciplinary team of professionals. This will not only expand care options but it can also streamline services which improves life for both clients and caregivers. One example: Many of Family Alliance’s older clients could benefit from physical or occupational therapy, which ACTS provides. Having these services accessible onsite and at one location means that clients or family caregivers have one less appointment to arrange and travel to. Family Alliance and Adult & Child Therapy have a combined total of nearly 110 years of service to the community. Now Independence Health & Therapy will build on the strengths of both agencies to continue their high-quality care as well as expand services to meet new needs as they arise.

How Can We Help You?

By building on the strengths and successful programs of both Family Alliance and Adult & Child Therapy Services, Independence Health & Therapy will offer an extensive selection of services to the community.

These will include:

Independence Health & Therapy Locations

Adult Day Services, Behavioral Health Memory Care and Respite Services

  • 2028 N. Seminary
    Woodstock, IL 60098
    (815) 338-3590
  • 12555 Farm Hill
    Suite 800
    Huntley, IL 60142
    (224) 654-6300

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

  • 708 Washington Street
    Woodstock, IL 60098
    (815) 338-1707
Contact Us or ahernon@familyallianceinc.org