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Community Support Specialist

“As a Community Support Specialist, I wear a lot of different hats,” Diane says. “I typically go into the home, helping clients with mental health or medical diagnoses to develop routines for a healthy lifestyle.”

“Things like reading mail, budgeting, monitoring appointments, coordinating transportation, self care, diet and hygiene. I also do cognitive support, helping people with memory problems process information. I help them use planners, things like that. So I stay busy.”

Originally from Iowa, Diane has 27 years of experience in community support. She says she got interested in the field helping to care for a paraplegic family member. “It felt right to get into this,” she says. “So I got a degree in social work.”

Diane says that what she likes most about Independence Health is its person-centered model of care.

“We have a lot of providers under one roof who can coordinate services. That means we can collaborate with each other to solve problems. It allows us to treat the whole person instead of a single physical or speech problem. And if we can’t find what we need within the agency we’re good at finding resources from other agencies.”

Rebecca Hanover


Therapies Manager

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Minibus Driver

Dr Michael Raida

Dr. Michael Raida


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Registered Nurse