Provider Highlight

Dr. Michael Raida


Dr. Raida has been working with Independence since 2006, ever since he heard about the open position from an acquaintance who’d held the position before him. A Chicago area native, Dr. Raida maintains a practice on Michigan Avenue in Chicago when he’s not seeing patients at the Independence Woodstock location.

Among the many things Dr. Raida values about Independence is its small size, and the collaborative nature of the care.

“We are a pretty close group that is very involved in our patients lives,” Dr. Raida said. “We talk a lot. The collaboration is good. Everyone’s great to work with. We’re a family in a way.”

This closeness, Dr. Raida says, has important benefits for Independence Patients.

“The therapists are very good about being in touch with the patients,” he says. “There’s more individual time and more responsiveness to concerns. I think that as a result patients feel that we as an entity are there for them.”



Community Support Specialist

Rebecca Hanover


Therapies Manager

Susan Schultz


Minibus Driver

Karen Brodnan


Registered Nurse