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About Independence Health & Therapy

Independence Health & Therapy is a healthcare organization dedicated to providing holistic support to individuals of all ages and abilities, addressing physical, mental, and emotional needs. Rooted in a rich history of community service, our mission is to promote independence and improve lives through comprehensive care, education, and advocacy. Our innovative programs, including Adult Day, Memory Care, Therapies, and Behavioral Health & Psychiatry, offer tailored solutions for chronic health conditions, cognitive impairments, developmental challenges, and behavioral health needs. Through radical collaboration and a commitment to going further, we empower individuals to age in place, prevent premature institutionalization, and achieve maximum levels of capability and independence. With door-to-door transportation services, family support groups, and initiatives like PEARLS for seniors, we strive to create a community where everyone has the opportunity to enhance their quality of life.

Vision Statement

We envision a community where everyone has the opportunity to enhance their quality of life.

Mission Statement

Promoting independence and improving lives through care, education, and advocacy.


Care for the whole person: Our superior outcomes are the result of our one-of-a-kind model of care, that attends to all sides of the human being: the physical, the mental, and the emotional.

Care for the family as well as the client:  Because every health issue is, by definition, a family health issue – we make a point of caring for our client’s caregivers.

Radical Collaboration: We are the real deal, on-the-ground health provider. We respond to the families of McHenry County directly, listening to what they need. Because the needs of each client are unique and ever-evolving – so is our model of care.

Going Further: We are not afraid of the hard stuff. Our culture is based on putting in the extra time, going the extra step, taking on the extra responsibility.

Our History

Although Independence Health & Therapy is a newer name, we began as a result of a merger between two long-standing organizations that faithfully served our community. Adult & Child Therapy Services was founded in 1949 to provide service to the disabled in McHenry County as a Chapter of Easter Seals. Family Alliance, Inc opened its doors in 1981 as the first and only day care service for senior citizens in McHenry County, providing an option for loved ones to age in place.

In 2018, the two organizations merged to create Independence Health & Therapy recognizing that together, we could serve our community even better. Each organization brought their expertise and services to provide a more wholistic and streamlined approach. Building on the long histories of helping others achieve independence, together we continue to expand that mission.

Independence Health & Therapy has taken the strengths and successes of both organizations to offer an extensive selection of services to serve our community. Promoting independence and improving lives through care, education, and advocacy.

Executive Leadership

Shannon Hart

John Buckley

Executive Director

Shannon Hart

Mary Fisher

Director of Finance

Shannon Hart

Lori Parrish

Director of Programs

Shannon Hart

Gretchen Husted

Director, Corporate Compliance

Board of Directors

Tim Urban

Board President

Kent Cooney

Vice President

Keith Hogan


Cindy Bock


Melissa Adamson

Dave Byrnes

Sheldon Clark

Brenda A. Frederick

Kim Keefe

Lisa Lohmeyer

Christopher Marrs

Scott McClain

Kevin Sanderson

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We Care for the Caregivers

We make a point of caring for the caregivers. That is, the families of those we care for. Because every health issue is by definition a family health issue.


Transportation services are a central component of all our programs. We deliver reliable, worry-free door-to-door shuttle service.