Provider Highlight


Registered Nurse

“I chose nursing for many reasons including making a difference in the lives of others, making people feel comfortable, and to show compassion and empathy. Also, I enjoy learning and expanding my knowledge of medicine.”

Karen has extensive and diverse nursing experience, and has worked alongside physicians in Internal Medicine, Oncology, Urology, Allery, and Orthopedics.

“I was attracted to Independence Health & Therapy since we help a variety of people and because it’s a not-for-profit, which draws the best employees with extra special hearts.”

“IHT has a genuine ambiance of happiness. All of the employees and the clients that we help seem to really enjoy coming here! The laughter that I hear occurs on most days and it warms the heart.”

“There are many success stories of people who utilize our Adult Day program. One client recently said that IHT saved their life. The client explained that if he was at home every day that he would be making unhealthy food choices. Since coming to IHT the food and portion control have really helped him maintain a healthy weight and he’s able to receive supportive health guidance.”



Community Support Specialist

Rebecca Hanover


Therapies Manager

Susan Schultz


Minibus Driver

Dr Michael Raida

Dr. Michael Raida