Provider Highlight


Bus Driver

Rocco has a reputation at Independence as the guy who lends a hand. The one who, whatever the task, is willing. That spirit and optimism makes Rocco the kind of bus driver everyone looks forward to seeing in the morning.

Born and raised in Chicago, Rocco had a 35-year career as master technician for BMW. It wasn’t until several years after his retirement, when a friend told him about a job opening at Independence, that he made the switch to driving.

“I like the people I work with here,” Rocco says. “But most of all I love the clients we have. Talking to them, hearing about their lives, I really enjoy it. Anything I can do for them I want to do for them.”

Rocco says that while driving may be his job description he ultimately sees himself as part of the care team.

“Anything the clients need help with I want to do,” he says. “I’m a people person. I enjoy what I do. As long as Independence wants to keep me, I’ll stay. They do an excellent job of taking care of people.”



Community Support Specialist

Rebecca Hanover


Therapies Manager

Dr Michael Raida

Dr. Michael Raida


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Registered Nurse