Spring 2024 Newsletter: Bridging the Gap in Speech Therapy Services

by | Apr 30, 2024 | News, Newsletter

In response to a growing need for speech therapy services in our community, Independence Health & Therapy has partnered with Hearthstone, a comprehensive care community in Woodstock. Offering post-acute rehabilitation, skilled nursing long-term care, dementia care, and an assisted living community, Hearthstone serves a diverse population with varying needs. Due to the shortage of Speech Language Pathologists in the area, our dedicated speech therapist, Rachael, has stepped in to fill the gap, bringing her expertise and passion for helping older adults improve their cognitive communication and problem-solving skills to promote independence and safety.

At Hearthstone, many residents require support with re-learning how to eat solid foods, swallow safely, and communicate effectively. Upon learning of their need for speech therapy services, Rachael and our Therapies Manager, Becca, visited Hearthstone to observe and assess the situation firsthand. It quickly became evident that providing on-site speech therapy services would be the most effective way to address the growing need within the community.

Rachael shares her enthusiasm for working with older adults at Hearthstone, where she can witness patients at their most natural state during mealtimes and participating in cognitive activities. She emphasizes the importance of being able to observe patients’ challenges firsthand, allowing her to provide immediate solutions and collaborate with Hearthstone’s on-site dietician, nursing staff, and other healthcare professionals.

Rachael expresses confidence in the partnership between Independence Health & Therapy and Hearthstone, noting that it helps “connect the dots” for the best quality care, ensuring that patients receive the comprehensive support they need to progress towards independent living. This collaboration exemplifies our organization’s commitment to radical collaboration and underscores our shared goal of promoting independence and improving lives within our community.

This article was republished from our Spring 2024 Newsletter. Click here to read our full Spring Newsletter!

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