Young woman on couch in therapy session. Hands in foreground taking notes with clipboard and pen.Pediatric therapy programs help children who may not be meeting specific motor and developmental milestones.

According to the Illinois Department of Human Services, most developmental differences are nothing to worry about, but in some children, the differences can signal a need for special help. A developmental screening can offer a quick snapshot of your child’s development. Ask your health care or childcare provider whether your child’s growth and development are on target for their age.

Pediatric therapies can be applied from birth to age 21. The therapists at Independence Health & Therapy in Woodstock offers outpatient pediatric therapies such as pediatric speech, physical and occupational therapies, and work collaboratively with a child’s Early Intervention team to provide personalized care. Early Intervention is a statewide program that provides supports and services for families to help their children under age 3 meet developmental milestones.

Pediatric therapy services support children with a range of conditions including:

  • Physical therapy for Torticollis, developmental disabilities, congenital disabilities, and birth trauma
  • Occupational therapy for developmental delays and congenital disabilities
  • Speech therapy for developmental delays, cleft palate, fluency disorders, swallowing disorders, and articulation disorders

Often, clients will be referred to an outpatient therapy program due to long wait lists at other providers. Or, therapists can refer clients for Early Intervention so they can work with a case manager who will ensure a successful transition into school-based services when the client ages out of EI services.

Together, outpatient therapy and EI can work together to ensure the best success to reaching your child’s goals.

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