A Word From The Executive Director

I am happy to present to you Independence Health & Therapy’s inaugural annual report. When we merged to become Independence Health & Therapy back in 2018, we spent time articulating the four values that drive how we respond to each other as staff and volunteers, our clients and our community.

In the following pages, you will read about some of our values: going further, care for the family, and radical collaboration. These are important examples of our vision and our mission in action. They all lead back to what I feel is our most important value – the one that sets the bar for all we do – care for the whole person.

The challenges we face – that our clients and communities face – are not singular or in isolation. Our clients don’t only need physical therapy, or a day program, or mental health support. They need transportation to make their appointments. They need peer support to know they are not alone and that others share their challenges. They need regular nutritious meals. And they need to know that we care about them.

The past few years have presented unique challenges that will have lasting impacts on our community. But they also brought unique opportunities for us to serve – to go further, to care for the family, to pursue radical collaboration, and to care for the whole person.

Looking back on all we have accomplished together in 2023, I can’t help but be optimistic about the years ahead. I hope that you, too, share in this enthusiasm.

Please download a copy of our 2023 Annual Report here or by using the buttons to the right/below.


John P. Buckley
Executive Director